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    Published: 03/10/2017

    Editor-in-Chief (Founder)






    Professor Sy DUONG-QUY, MD, PhD, FCCP
    Cochin Hospital. Paris-Descartes University. Paris - France
    Hershey Medical Center. Penn State Medical College. Pensylvania - USA
    E-mail: sduongquy.jfvp@gmail.com 

    Advisory Board

    Professor Isabella ANNESI-MAESANO, MD, PhD
    Research Director at INSERM
    Sorbonne University in Paris - France 

    Professor Louis-Philippe BOULET, MD, PhD
    Quebec Heart and Lung Institute
    Laval University, Québec - Canada

    Professor Frederique CAPRON, MD, PhD
    Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. Paris - France

    Professor Marc HUMBERT, MD, PhD
    Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital
    Inserm UMR-S999, Paris-Sud University. Paris - France

    Professor Jean-Pierre  MICHEL, MD, PhD   
    World Health Organisation
    Geneva · Switzerland

    Professor Nicolas ROCHE, MD, PhD  
    Respiratory Department. Cochin Hospital
    Paris Descartes University. Paris - France

    Professor Raymond LEE, PhD 
    Faculty of Technology, University of Portsmouth. Portsmouth, Hampshire - UK

    Scientific Committee

    Professor Yossef AELONY, MD, PhD
    Respiratory Clinics. Los Angeles - USA

    Professor Timothy CRAIG JOHN, MD, DO
    Hershey Medical Center
    Penn State Medical College. Pensylvania - USA

    Professor Emilia CRISAN, MD, PhD   
    Pulmonology and Tuberculosis Institute 
    Bucarest - Romania

    Professor Jean-Claude MEURICE, MD, PhD   
    Poitiers CHRU. Poitiers - France

    Professor Josette DALL'AVA-SANTUCCI, MD, PhD
    Cochin Hospital. Paris - France

    Professor Jean-Dominique DEWITE, MD, PhD
    Brest CHRU. Brest University. France

    Professor  Rita JEAN-FRANCOIS, MD, PhD
    Thoracic Institute. Montreal - Canada 

    Professor Christophe LEROYER, MD, PhD    
    Morvan Hospital. Brest University. Brest - France

    Professor Yves MARTINET, MD, PhD  
    Respiratory Department. Brabois Hospital
    Nancy University. Nancy - France

    Professor Christian PREFAUT, MD, PhD
    Montpellier University - France

    Professor Chantal RAHERISON-SEMJE, MD, PhD   
    Respiratory Department. Haut-Lévêque Hospital
    Victor Segalen University Bordeaux 2. Bordeaux - France


    Doctor NGO Carine, MD   
    Gustave Roussy Institute. Paris - France


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    Villeneuve La Garenne. France
    Tel: +33.679193377
    Fax: +33.144412333

    Website: https://www.jfvpulm.com